Van Doren Waxter exquisite New York art gallery

February 17th, 2017

Van Doren Waxter gallery in New York City is a popular venue for artists to display their work and is becoming increasingly significant in the Big Apple art world. From now until August 26th, they will be hosting a watercolor exhibit by Boston artist, Eva Lundsager. She is well known for abstract paintings of landscapes that include splashes of color that indicate subtlety and contrast.

The venue is at 23 East 73rd street in New York City. It is just a few blocks from Hunter College and is easily accessible by subway. They are open Tuesday thru Saturday from 10am to 6pm. The exhibition staff Manchester will work to ensure that your visit is memorable.

Van Doren Waxter opened in 2013 as a collaboration between Jon Van Doren and Dorsey Waxter, who worked together for years as a major part of the New York art scene before opening their elegant gallery.

Sandblasting In An Environmentally Friendly Way

January 15th, 2016

I work in industrial cleaning. That’s not just using a mop and bucket, that’s removing all-weather paint off of concrete, and removing rust off of steel. One of the best things to happen in my line of work is using recycled glass media as an abrasive agent.

First, the stuff is environmentally friendly. It’s made from glass bottles that have been pulverized to powder. This takes less energy than melting it down and re-casting it. It’s also easier on us – the amount of dust and particulates that come up are greatly reduced. Now I’m not going to say you can just breathe normally where this stuff’s being used – you still need a face mask and breathing filter – but there’s a lot less of it, and the particulate size is more regular, making it easier to filter out.

My boss likes it too – the stuff is flexible for wet or dry sandblasting, and it’s competitively priced per ton.

The Morning Dance

January 12th, 2016

The Morning Dance…you know the one I’m talking about. It’s no Rumba, definitely not a Waltz. It could, I suppose, resemble a Salsa due to the speed. I’m talking about the multi-tasking and speed that it takes for a mom to get everyone up and out the door on time for school. If we were to post a Bolton CCTV in the home of Beth, mother of Lincoln (2), William (4) and Kate (9), this is what her morning dance would look like.

6am Wake up to the sound of Lincoln’s feet running down the hall to her room.
6:01 Put him in bed with her so she can sleep longer.
6:15 6:30 6:32 Wake up to the poking of little feet in her back.
7:00 Lay awake browsing Facebook on her phone while he lays comfortably over her head sleeping soundly horizontally somehow forcing her to sleep on the last 6 inches of the king-size bed.
7:30 Get the rest of the crew up and ready for school.
7:35 Remind everyone to brush teeth, go potty and brush hair.
7:40 Make breakfast. Ok, put waffles in the toaster and spread some peanut butter on them for protein.
7:45 As Beth’s morning dance of packing lunches, braiding hair and filling water bottles continues in hyper speed she is stopped in her tracks…interrupted by a mysterious flushing sound.
7:46 She discovers that yes, once again Lincoln tried to flush the remote. Thankfully…it didn’t go down…like the toothbrush did. Causing a major flooding incident just a few days prior.
7:47 Close and lock the bathroom door to prevent Lincoln from entering and flushing more items.
7:48 Return to packing lunches, braiding hair and filling water bottles.
7:50 Unlock the bathroom door for William who needs to go potty. Again.
7:53 Sign Kate’s agenda and report card slips.
7:54 Write a check for the book order that is due.
7:56 Write a check for a fundraiser order that is due so Kate can earn fantastic junk…uh, prizes.
8:00 Realize Kate’s homework had a front AND a back. Rush her to finish it while she eats a waffle being careful not to drip the peanut butter on her shirt because it’s picture day…shoot!!
8:01 Write a check for school pictures.
8:10 Call everyone to action…Kate’s brown boots are missing. The gray ones are in the closet, they don’t match. The black don’t even come close. She must have brown. It’s critical. It’s picture day after all! Even though she wore them the night before. They’ve vanished. The search team must find and locate them! Too bad the search team is 2, 4 & 9 and the worse finders ever!
8:15 FINALLY Beth finds the boots. In the car. Of course. Why wouldn’t they be in the car?!
8:16 Another mysterious flushing sound. William forgot to shut the door. This time it was a (thankfully mini) Captain America. He didn’t survive. All that is left is his shield which Lincoln is holding with a death-grip as he has a super sensor that tells him when William wants something causing William to melt down.
8:18 Tell everyone to head to the car instructing them to bring waffles with them.
8:20 Coats. Where are the coats?!
8:21 Find the coats in the car.
8:22 Catch the cat who got out the door when they were finding coats.
8:23 Change Lincoln’s diaper.
8:25 She finally gets out the door and buckles William and Lincoln into their car seats.
8:25 Something smells.
8:26 Head back in the door to change Lincoln’s poopy diaper.
8:30 Sprint out the door and zip out of the driveway to avoid being late for school…again.
8:35 Realize the gas light is on…and the sensor says zero miles left.
8:40 Offer up a prayer that they’ll make it…they live in the country. There are no gas stations in the corn fields.
8:43 Make it to school in time. Barely.
8:44 Pull up for Kate to exit. Look right at the teacher on duty and say, “I love you” as she is closing the door for Kate who is already far enough away it’s clear the “I love you” wasn’t for her…
8:46 Post to Facebook about the embarrassing proclamation of affection to the teacher.
8:47 Drive to the next school to drop off William.
9:00 Head home to recoup just in time to do the dance all over again the next day.

What I Should Have Done

January 11th, 2016

My friend and I were planning our huge family reunions around the same time. Both of our families have their around memorial day. Both of our families are also pretty similar in the way they handle reunions.

Rent out a huge hall. Do all of the catering and cooking ourselves. My dad always saw it as a way of saving money, and putting the “family stamp” on the reunion. My friend’s dad saw it pretty much the same way.

However, last year things got a bit hectic for the both of us. We both went about handling our responses to the obstacles that surfaced differently. My dad and I were adamant about maintaining responsibility over the reunion. My friend and his dad hired event staff London.

With all of the problems that arose, our reunion ended up being a major bummer. My friend’s reunion went amazing, and it left my dad and I to realize we should have hired some help.

Not a complete loss

December 17th, 2015

My sister just turned 14 years old and at that age, there is so much to take for granted. As teenagers, we never thought that something as simple as hearing could be gone in an instant. One morning, my sister ran in my room crying that she couldn’t hear her voice. Without hesitation, I told her to pop her ears. She shook her head while grabbing a note pad and scribbling down that she did not understand me. She couldn’t hear my voice either. There is no history of our family having hearing problems at such a young age. After taking her to multiple doctors to figure out the nature of her case, the answer was all too simple. She could no longer hear and would need a hearing aid. At the age of 14, I believe hearing aids Stockport saved her life.

Missed My Guess!

December 14th, 2015

I was listening to a demo tape from some band I’d never heard of. The manager lived next door to the bartender’s cousin, or something like that, anyway they had come to me. I didn’t mind, new talent was often cheaper than then bands with a following. I could probably get these guys for free drinks and a percent of the door. That would be a good deal if they had any talent. Their manager was trying to act all cool, like he did this everyday. I could tell he was not a professional, probably a friend or relative of a band member.

” So what do you think? ” he asked.

I paused, ” They really lack soul,” I said. ” I think you need a saxophone player, try that and call me in a couple of weeks.”

Boy was I wrong! The went on to be a number one band just the way the were.

Deaf No More

December 13th, 2015

Last year I received a call from my daughter’s school. It seems she had completely failed her hearing test and they advised us to take her to a doctor immediately.

Panic rushed through my veins. Was my child partially deaf and I had never noticed? I immediately felt like a terrible mother and called our family doctor. They made us an appointment for the next morning. I sat in agony for the next 18 hours.

Finally, we arrived at the office and it was time to look at her ears. I didn’t expect what came next. Laughter. What did this doctor find so funny? Well, it turns out my daughter’s ears were clogged with wax. He explained that a simple Stockport ear wax removal procedure would cure her deafness and we could be on our way. I have never been so happy to watch my daughter have her ears cleaned out.

Why I Decided To Make A Major Career Change

December 12th, 2015

I had been a bank teller for 11 years. I did not like my job, but I had two children I had to support. However, two years ago, I decided that enough was enough. I was tired of working long hours for very little pay. I was also tired of dealing with irate customers on a daily basis. I knew that I had the greatest chance of getting the type of job that I wanted if I went back to school.

I began to do research on careers that interested me. I decided that massage therapy would be my best career option. I contacted a school the next day and within a week I had enrolled. I decided to start working part-time so that I could attend school full-time. It was a struggle, but I graduated 16 months later. Every time that I perform a thai massage Liverpool, I know that my career change was worth it.